Reading List


  • Christopher West:  Talk, Woman: God’s Masterpiece
  • Pia de Solenni:  A Hermeneutic of Aquinas’s Mens Through a Sexually Differentiated Epistemology: Towards an Understanding of Woman as Imago Dei
  • Pia de Solenni: Christian Feminism: A Fuller View of Woman
  • Pia de Solenni: Our Role in The Church
  • Pope John Paul II: Mulieris Dignitatem
  • Pope John Paul II: Letter to Women
  • Pope John Paul II: Theology of the Body [Man and Woman He Created Them]
  • Pope John Paul II: Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life)
  • Pope John Paul II: Redemptoris Missio
  • Pope John Paul II: Dives in Misericordia
  • Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla:) Love & Responsibility
  • Dietrich von Hildebrand: Man, Woman and the Meaning of Love
  • [St.] Edith Stein: Women (Collected Works)
  • Alice von Hildebrand: The Privilege of Being a Woman
  • Christina Hoff Sommers: Who Stole Feminism?
  • Genevieve Kineke: The Authentic Catholic Woman
  • Christopher West: Good News About Sex and Marriage
  • Christopher West: Theology of the Body for Beginners
  • Carl Anderson & Msgr. Eduardo Chavez: Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mother of the Civilization of Love
  • On the Collaboration of Women and Men in the Church and in the World (Vatican Doc.)
  • Pope John Paul II: Ordinatio Sacerdotalis
  • Pope Leo XIII: Rerum Novarum
  • Pope Paul VI: Humanae Vitae
  • Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: [Instruction] Dignitas Personae (On Certain Bioethical Questions)
  • Pope Benedict XVI: Deus Caritas Est
  • Pope Leo XIII: Libertas
  • Pope Paul VI: Popularum Progressio
  • Theresa Burke: Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion
  • Theresa Burke: the Contraception of Grief: The Genesis of Anguish Conceived by Abortifacients and Sterilization
  • Jane Brennan: Talk, Feminism Misunderstood
  • Katrina J. Zeno: Every Woman’s Journey:  Answering “Who Am I?” for the Feminine Heart
  • Gina Loehr: Choosing Beauty:  A 30-Day Spiritual Makeover for Women
  • Gina Loehr: Real Women, Real Saints:  Friends for Your Spiritual Journey
  • Carolyn McCulley: Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World
  • Carolyn McCulley:  Blog
  • Donald DeMarco Ph.D: Architects of the Culture of Death
  • Dale O’Leary: The Gender Agenda
  • Mary Ann Glendon’s writings
  • Dr. Monica (Migliorino?) Miller’s writings
  • St. Gianna Molla – on women
  • Helen Alvaré:  article, “A New Feminism”
  • Helen Alvaré:  other writings on women
  • Vatican Website, search: women
  • Colleen Hammond: Colleen Hammond: Dressing with Dignity
  • Colleen Hammond:  Blog
  • Jill Stanek:  Blog (topic: feminism)
  • Knights of Columbus: Catechism of the Catholic Church (Searchable)


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