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This blog is entitled The Dignity of Women, which is a translation of the Latin title Mulieris Dignitatem, the Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul II, written in 1988.  It is subtitled as a journey because I plan to use it to record my explorations of what the picture of a modern good Catholic woman should look like.

I have found, in my search, that most of the resources out there on the topic of women and their roles fit into one of a few categories:  1) Utterly archaic, based on biological inaccuracies and extremely chauvinistic mores  2) militant (secular) Feminism, or 3) How to sacrifice oneSELF totally (and with great efficiency) in the obsession of being the good little wifey and mommy.

Yes, there are some resources out there that don’t fit into those categories, thankfully, and those are the ones that I will be exploring most in this blog.  It is a great blessing that there are many women now publishing intelligent and insightful material, and from a sound Catholic viewpoint.

My self-appointed task in this introspective, then, is to find pertinent references, glean from them my selected passages, and amalgamate that volume of information into my own personal answer to the question, “What IS a modern good Catholic woman?”



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