2011: 365 Blessings


The other day, I was praying for more compassion. It occurred to me that one of the best ways I could probably gain more is by being more aware of just how good I have it. Maybe by thinking about that, I could be more patient and understanding of those “less fortunate” than me. I also realized that “less fortunate” is a very subjective phrase, and that many times in my life I’ve seen that what seems like an unfortunate situation, for me or for others, turned out to be a blessing.

As I was scanning Facebook that day, I saw a post from NPR about a man who had decided to write a Thank You note each day of the year to someone, and then had written a book about that experience. “What a neat idea,” I thought…thinking that would be a great New Year’s Resolution. But after pondering it for a moment, I realized that it was a perfect opportunity to focus on the blessings I’d been thinking about earlier, and from Whom they’d come.

So I decided that for 2011, I would in fact write a Thank You each day. To God, for His blessings. Each day (hopefully,) I’ll be posting my Thank You here, and on Twitter…and if you’re interested, you can read them. I hope you’ll comment and/or add to them, and maybe even find some inspiration…

As we close out this year, I am certainly thankful for the wonderfully winding path that my life has taken, and all the lessons I have learned and the opportunities I’ve been given. I pray that I’ll be inspired to be even more positive, and to trust God even more throughout the coming year. I am extremely grateful to all my friends and family for the love and support they have shown me through a few very interesting months here at the end, which I’ll write more about another day. I pray that we will never cease to be amazed and thankful for the wonders and blessings Our God has given us, and to use them for His Glory!


❦                                        ❦                                        ❦


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  1. What a great idea for a blog! I’m going to read it when I need an attitude of gratitude. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, Sarah!

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