Review of “It Doesn’t End Here”


Here is my review on the book, It Doesn’t End Here, by Dawn Marie Roeder. I posted a link to this blog at which you could order her book, in February. They now have it available on also!

Dawn’s narrative is at the same time both heart-wrenching and inspiring. It is a beautiful illustration of the difference a close and powerful relationship with God can make in a person’s life in times of tragedy. Many people would have understandably given up and become too depressed to advance, numerous times along the way, during a journey like the one Dawn has made in her life. The fact that she did everything in her power and stood strong in the face of opposition, to help others avoid the tragedy she has suffered, attests to the fact that she selflessly chose to put her faith in God and submit to His will, rather than give in to despair, as most of us would have done. And in return, he has blessed her with a peace and joyful strength that radiates from deep within her, and that she has now been able to share with others.

This book is for those who are enduring seemingly inexplicable suffering, as well as those whose faith in God is experiencing a shake-up. Dawn’s testimony will undoubtedly move and inspire everyone who is blessed to read it.

I have been honored to have the pleasure of corresponding with this dear lady on a fairly regular basis, and I am absolutely amazed by her faith, and her kindness. She has truly given her suffering over to God, and allowed him to use her as His instrument to spread the good news of the joy and peace His love can bring, if we allow Him to direct our lives.

Thank you, Dawn, for your courage to share this story with the world!


❦                                        ❦                                        ❦


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