Hearts Full of Hurt…New “Counseling” Philosophy?


This story totally confuses me. It produces such a variety of emotions in me that I can hardly verbalize my reactions…

My first reaction is, as always when looking at abortion and its effects, sorrow.

But I also feel confusion…hope…and then just anger. And then, back to confusion again.

WHY are these “counselors” encouraging women to write these out, if in fact it may be detrimental to their business?  That confuses me.  But then, I just feel anger, because all I can think is, “After seeing the distress and anguish their clients feel,WHY aren’t they helping them find ALTERNATIVES to the abortion?!”

I see this picture of Claire Keyes, the director of the “health center.”  She is standing in front of a wall of pink hearts, each one representing a human life taken at her business, and a woman’s life broken, and countless others affected by the decision–and she is SMILING!!!  
My heart just cries for all of them…

I feel at the same time disgust and anger at her…and yet, I also pity her.

But there is also a faint glimmer of hope for me in this story, even though after my initial reaction that, “well, there is one abortion business closer to closing,” I found that she has been doing this project for 15 years! But, nothing is impossible with God.  She obviously has no real understanding of the moral aspects of what she is doing, even though she speaks to the subject in the quote in the last paragraph of the article.

I wonder, how does one get up each morning and go in to work, to this place?  What do they feel when they get there, and see those pink hearts on the wall, that notebook of men’s feelings?  (And why are men writing in a notebook, but women write on pink hearts; that’s just a minor point, I know, but still confusing to me.)  And why are they calling it a REPRODUCTIVE Health Center, when clearly, there is no such thing taking place within those walls?

Since my involvement with Rachel’s Vineyard began, and with all the things I’ve seen and learned through that organization, and through research on post-abortive healing, I think that this pink heart thing IS a very small, if not misguided step in the right direction–of acknowledging the fact that abortion causes grief.  I still have to agree with Chuck Colson though, as he’s quoted: “All the pink paper hearts in the world don’t change the fact that abortion is taking a life with the mother’s permission.”  Except for one thing, maybe, that they are not ALWAYS doing it with the mother’s permission…many are coerced, threatened, or drugged and brought there; or held down and their bodies violated, after arrival. I also know that, wrong as it seems, one of the most common statements as to why a woman had an abortion, is “I didn’t feel like I had a choice.”

And, let me definitively state:  I do not in any way think that writing on pink hearts is going to even come close to the healing needed after abortion.  That’s another source of my reaction of anger to the story.  Supposedly a “counselor” would have the best interest of the patient in mind.  Any professional ought to know that a decision about an event that is causing this type of distress just in anticipation, is not right for that person.  But there again, it’s hardly their job to actually help the person there, is it?  In reality, it’s still their job to sell abortions.

Still, all the warm fuzzy stuff they’re up to is the closest thing to a real step in our direction I’ve seen from the pro-abortion side.  In fact, it seems like an open door to conversion for some of them…if they mess around long enough, LISTENING to these women, and their male counterparts, they may just come to realize one day they can’t continue in this line of work.  And we know that many of the strongest pro-life advocates are the ones who came from “the other side.”  I think this truth is borne out right there in the article, in the quote from Dr. Creinin, that he “worries that stories about the November Gang and women grieving about their abortions may obscure the fact that, according to studies, “in general, women find having the procedure results in a significant improvement in the quality of their lives.”  I read:  i.e., he “worries that stories…may expose the fact that we are not having as much success in this lie as we thought….”

All in all, I am still confused.  A very faint glimmer of hope on the horizon…and yet a hopelessly futile attempt to rationalize the act of murder for these women, right in the moment when they most need the opposite:  God!  And, then, a boot out the door, just like any other abortion business, and no help or support POST-abortion.  It seems like in some ways, PAS would be even more severe in some of these people, who may say to themselves, “But I wrote on the little pink heart, (or in the notebook,) WHY am I still feeling guilty; why am I still feeling grief?” Will they go back and talk to a “counselor?”  Will the “counselor” get them REAL healing, REAL reconciliation with God?  Sadly, I really doubt it…

Such a loaded article…so many facets, I think.  How does one even begin to react to such a thing?

Comments, ANYONE?


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